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Our Favorite Winter Riding Apparel

Winter cycling means being out on shorter, colder days.  Setting yourself up for success with the right winter riding clothing can be difficult with so many options out there. This is a collection of our favorite riding apparel to help you navigate your options and dress appropriately.

How to Dress for Cold Weather Riding

Staying Dry

With winter often comes precipitation.  The first line of defense  in order to staying warm is to stop that moisture before it can get you wet.  When shopping for a winter kit be on the look out for layers with a durable water repellent coating or a waterproof membrane.  Base layers that help wick moisture off the skin are also a huge plus!

- 60s: When temps dip into the 60s a long sleeve jersey or some arm warmers will come in helpful.  On windy days a base layer can be a good addition.  At these temps you should still be good with bare legs.

- 50s: In the 50 degree range you'll want to consider grabbing a good set of leg warmers as well as a light weight jacket and some gloves.  A lightweight headband and shoe covers might not be a bad idea either.

- 45 and below: Time to grab the big guns.  You'll want to reach for an insulated jacket, shoe covers and thermal bibs.  You might want to throw on some thicker gloves and a cap as well!

Women's Road Apparel

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Men's Road Apparel

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Men's MTB Apparel

Our favorite fall and winter MTB apparel