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RETUL is a comprehensive fit process that includes a 12-step Pre-Fit Assessment followed by a 13-step fit process that precisely puts a rider in best position to increase comfort, maximize performance, and reduce the likelihood of injury.  Retul uses 3D motion capture technology to accurately measure every degree of movement down to the millimeter.

Assessment Steps


Ischial Tuberosity Width

Forefoot Angulation

Foot Structure Evaluation

Level Pelvis

Forward Spinal Flexion

Hamstring ROM


Ankle ROM 

One-Third Knee Bend

Lower Body Alignment

Spinal Curve Evaluation

RETUL Fit Steps

Saddle Selection

Cleat Placement and Rotation

Saddle Height

Saddle Fore/Aft

Handlebar Width

Handlebar Reach and Drop

Bar Rotation and Lever Position

Hip Angle

Z-Plane Assessment

Arch Support

Forefoot Support

Stance Width

Follow Up

$275.00 (2.5 Hour Session)

New Bike RETUL Fit - $200 (within 60 days of bike purchase)

Annual Re-Fit or Second Bike Fit - $150

Basic Bicycle Fitting (Bike Sizing)

$75.00 (~45 Minute Session)

Interview - Ischial Tuberosity Width - Foot Structure Evaluation

Set Saddle Height - Saddle Fore/Aft - Bar Rotation and Lever Position