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A bike mechanic performs service on a bike's rear shock

Criterium Service Department

Service Hours

Sunday: 10am - 4pm

Monday - Tuesday: 10am - 5pm

Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday - Saturday: 10am - 5pm

The volume of bike repair continues to be extremely high, so we are making some changes to reduce turnaround times and to maintain our high quality repairs. Service will continue to be first come-first served. Please bring your bike by during our drop-off hours and we will evaluate, quote and schedule your bike for repair. 

Appointments may be made after we have evaluated the bike and scheduled it for the appropriate amount of time. Once approved you may take your bike home and ride until the day before your appointment. Once the bike returns it will be completed on it's scheduled day.

Storage Fees

On average we take in 30-40 bikes a day and have 150+ bikes in the shop in various stages of repair. With limited space to safely store service bikes we need to make sure bikes are picked up in a timely manner. Therefore, during the busy season (May-September) there may be a storage fee of $4/day applied to any repair left after 72 hours of the completion date. 

Ala Carte Service

Tire / Wheel

Replace Tube/Tire - $12 Each

Tubeless Sealant Recharge - $18 Each

Install Tubeless Tire (pre-set up rim) - $20 Each

New Tubeless Setup (valve not included) - $25 Each

 Tubeless Setup w/ Cushcore or like insert (valve not included) - $35 Each

Install Tubular Tire - $70 Each

Wheel True - $20-30 Each

Wheel Build - $90 Each


Brake Adjust - $15 Each

Brake Bleed - $30 Each


Derailleur Adjust - $15 Each

Derailleur Hanger Alignment (with adjustment) - $20

Install Chain - $15

Install Cassette/Freewheel - $15

Install Chainring - $15


Fork Lower Service - $60

Fork Overhaul - $100

Shock Air Can Service - $45

Shock Overhaul (Rock Shox Only) - $100

Dropper Post Service - $40-100

Miscellaneous Service

Box Bike - $80

Build Boxed Bike - $80

Professional Custom Bike Build - Varies/Hourly Rate

Hourly Labor Rate - $80

Service Packages

Pre-Ride Check-Up



Function / Safety Check

Minor Shift / Brake Adjustments

Spot True Wheels

Lube Chain

Air Tires

Frame Wipe Down

Basic Tune-Up



Shift / Brake Adjustments

Lube Shift / Brake Cables

True Wheels

Adjust Bearings

Lube Chain

Air Tires

Wash Bike

Annual Tune-Up



All items from Basic Tune-Up

Ultrasonic Drivetrain Cleaning

Shift Cables / Housing Replacement

Brake Cables / Housing Replacement

Brake Bleed (as needed)

Replacement Part Installation

Standard Overhaul



All items from Annual Tune-Up

Strip Frame - Clean/Wax

Overhaul Hubs

Overhaul Headset

Overhaul Bottom Bracket

All service pricing is for labor only.  Parts are not included unless otherwise indicated.

Tune-ups and complicated in-depth repairs will be scheduled for the next available time slot. 

A-la-carte and flat repairs are served as Walk-up first come, first served.

Due to the complexity of various e-bike systems, and limited technical data, we are only able to service the electronic components on the brands that we currently carry.  We can still provide mechanical services (flat fix, derailleur adjustment, etc...) for non-Criterium e-bike brands, but we will not service the electronic portion of these products.

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Criterium Bicycles is an authorized DirtLabs drop-off center.