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Road Biking in Colorado Springs

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Road Biking in Colorado Springs

Road biking in Colorado Springs provides cyclists with a diverse and scenic riding experience. The city is surrounded by picturesque mountains, rolling hills, and wide-open plains, creating a beautiful backdrop for road biking adventures. Popular roads in Colorado Springs include the Garden of the Gods Loop, which takes cyclists through the iconic red rock formations, and the Pikes Peak Highway, which offers a challenging climb to the summit of Pikes Peak mountain. Below you see a few different route options that will provide a great experience of the city no matter what type of rider you are.

Road Beginner Loop

13.4 mi/ 654ft of vertical ascent/~1hr

Experience the beauty of road biking along the New Santa Fe Regional Trail to Cottonwood Creek Trail in Colorado Springs. This scenic route offers stunning views of the Rocky Mountains and a smooth, well-maintained path. It's the perfect adventure for riders of all levels.

Easy Road Loop 

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Road Intermediate Loop

21 mi/ 1500ft of vertical ascent/~1.5hr

Embark on an unforgettable road biking ride through the awe-inspiring Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Discover the magic of this iconic natural wonder as you pedal along beautiful roads amidst towering red rock formations. This route is a go-to for the local road cyclists here in town, so take some time to enjoy the many amazing views you will have throughout the entire ride.

Intermediate Road Loop 

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Road Advanced Loop

37 mi/ 3100ft of vertical ascent/~2.5hr

This road bike loop takes you to some of Colorado Springs' best road climbs in the city. Enjoy a nice climb through a beautiful neighborhood to Woodmen Rd. This road will lead you to Blodgett Mountain before you enjoy a nice descent to the Flying W bonus climb. The route takes you to a scenic loop through the Garden of the Gods before you start making your way to Gold Camp Road. The climb up Gold Camp is traversed by many cyclists daily. After descending the canyon, you will make your way to America the Beautiful park to connect back onto the New Santa Fe Regional Trail. This loop gives you a great riding experience of our amazing city.

Advanced Road Loop 

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Road Biking Pikes Peak

39 mi/ 7281ft of vertical ascent/ ~4hr depending on your fitness level

Pikes Peak mountain is nestled right in the backyard of Colorado Springs and is known for its stunning natural beauty and high elevation. The mountain stands at 14,115ft tall and offers breathtaking views throughout the entire climb. Cyclists who take on the challenge of cycling Pikes Peak will encounter steep inclines, winding roads, and changing weather conditions. It is a test of endurance and determination, requiring both physical and mental strength. Despite the difficulty of the climb, reaching the summit of Pikes Peak via bike is a rewarding accomplishment and provides a unique perspective of the surrounding landscape. Locals will advise to bring extra layers and nutrition because you never know what the mountain will throw at you.

Pikes Peak 

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