We are currently experiencing an extremely high volume of service requests.  Please allow up to three weeks for your repair to be completed.

Until further notice, we are asking our loyal customers to hold off on repair requests unless your bike is in an unsafe, non-functional condition.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

At Criterium Bike Shop, we understand that bikes are essential for recreation and transportation.  We are temporarily offering two options to help keep your bike in working condition:

"Pickup & Delivery"

We will come to your home, office, or wherever, pick up your bike, complete the work, and return it to you for free.  The only cost to you is for the work we complete.

Available Monday - Tuesday, Thursday - Friday.

No weekend pickup & delivery.  Colorado Springs only.

"Curbside Drop-Off"

Schedule your service using the form below.  When you arrive at the shop, and someone will meet you at the front door to receive your bike.

Available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday - Sunday:  11:00 am - 5:00 pm.

How It Works

Complete the form below and select "Pickup & Delivery" or "Curbside Drop-Off".

We will pick up your bike, or you will drop it off at the shop.

We will evaluate your bike and provide you with service recommendations.

We will answer your questions, and with your approval, we will schedule and complete the service.

We will notify you when the work is complete.

We will schedule a time to deliver your bike, or you can pick it up at the shop.

Please limit online service requests to major tasks, such as tune-ups, suspension service, etc.  If you just need something minor, such as a flat fix, derailleur adjustment, etc., please utilize our walk-up curbside service.  No appointment is needed for minor tasks.  However, due to the current high volume of service requests, you may be asked to leave your bike for a day or two.

Responses to new service requests may take up to 48 hours.

This form is for new service requests only. For sales inquiries, please email the shop at

Basic Information

Please enter in XXX-XXX-XXXX format.
We are unable to provide bike service pickup and delivery service to our local military bases due to personal and commercial vehicle access restrictions/procedures. We will be glad to meet you at your respective base visitors center to pick up and drop off your bike

Service Details

A service technician will contact you (via your preferred method) to discuss and schedule the recommended service.
Please enter make, model, and year (if known)
Please provide bicycle type.
Please provide a description of the major issues you are experiencing. Please do not use this form for flat fixes, tire inflation, etc.
I.e., the garage is located at the back of the house, beware of dog, need help unloading, etc.
By clicking "Submit," I agree that someone 18+ will be physically present on the premises at the time of pickup and delivery, and that I understand that I must complete all payments (over the phone or in-person) before Criterium Bike Shop schedules my bicycle for delivery.